Company Profile

Flaming Creations Culture and Media Company Ltd engages in creating marketing and PR solutions, event planning and management for the Automotive, IT, Telecom and Healthcare industry through its presence in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. The company is steered by a team of executives from multinational companies and experts from marketing, events and PR sectors with a combined experience of more than 70 years.

Flaming Creations consists of two sister companies.  Flaming Creations Culture and Media Company Ltd., is an integrated PR and Marketing solution provider spearheading all marketing and PR related services; and Flaming Creations Marketing and Events Company Ltd.,(Used to be Ruisi Auto Culture and Experience Company Ltd.,) is focused on event management and promotion business.

Our mission:

• Forging links between customers, consumers and the marketplace.
• Creating inspiring events that are designed to achieve your business objectives.
• Constantly develop new and dynamic ways to communicate your vision.
• Innovating high quality advertising works and creating outstanding PR events.
• To embrace change, motivate and inspire.
Core Strengths

The Flaming Creations Group is a leading service provider in the automotive industry.
We offer integrated solutions in sales, marketing and services through a combination of strategy,industry experience and precise execution to maximize our clients'business objectives


Our Team
· Professional Advantage in the Automobile Industry
   Our test driving team Star Driving, the event management team Ruisi Auto and the consulting company Beyond Expectation Consulting Beijing have more than 10 years experience in auto industry which enables us to serve many international and local auto companies.

· Capability of Integrated Marketing + Talent Pool
   Our international senior managers and market experts, having ten years experience to combine the local situation and international experience to offer professional service.

· Accessibility & Networking Sources
   Our networking has been rooted in many different industries which enables us to offer tailored service for our clients.
   (covering the national wide media sources, test drive sources and government sources)

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Company Profile
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